Healthy plants begin with healthy soils. Adjusting soil pH and ensuring that adequate organic matter is present are key elements to healthy soils. Fertilization can be just the start in assimulating optimal conditions for growth found in nature. Our environmentally friendly approach to root zone soil injection and soil amendments incorporates all of the above in time sensitive treatments.

We offer prescriptions of slow release fertilizers which can be customized for specific soil conditions. This helps to ensure that nitrogen is not lost to leaching or runoff and is stored in the tree as carbohydrates and sugars, which optimizes availability when needed. If soil phosphorus levels are adequate or treatments are applied in sensitive sites such as watersheds, we can use phosphate-free products that are specifically formulated to potentially eliminate water pollution from this nutrient.

We offer a variety of systemic insect controls that can be directed into the root zone of trees to eliminate potential drift or runoff.  However, sometimes foliar sprays are more effective in delivering abatement materials. Macro\micro injections are also very effective tools. Monitoring insect activity and identifying key pests can be beneficial towards long-term preventative plans in any landscape.