While trees may appear healthy and stable from a distance, a closer inspection can reveal conditions or circumstances that can cause healthy trees to potentially fail. Tree health and tree structure can be seriously compromised due to storm damage, severe weather conditions such as drought and poor growth patterns. Ultimately, the most common condition leading to poor tree structure is related to the tree's root system, which is why many tree owners are unaware of the issue or how to help stabilize their trees.

Our certified arborists are specially trained to treat tree root system issues caused by restricted growth areas, nutritional deficiencies, tree diseases or physical damage to the roots. Our arborists will perform a thorough tree structure evaluation of the tree branches, tree crown and stems for internal decay, seams and cracks, and tree unions. Our customized tree care solutions for your tree integrity may include training juvenile trees, pest management, decay detection and treatment, cabling and bracing or pruning overgrown heavy limbs.